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Nice Things People Have Said About Us


We don't have to tell you how great we are - just listen to this fine lot instead! 


“A brilliant company of really likeable people who are made for Edinburgh Fringe and beyond!” - Ric


“Funny, silly & clever. We wanted to watch it again straight after! 10/10" - Carolina & Craig


“Out Of Bounds is a fantastically unique company, who strive for excellence while always being open and accessible to all! They encourage all who connect with them to be brave, bold and above all curious about new experiences. I loved participating in their Podcast as well as their Unboxed Series. Unboxed in particular was so special as it empowered creatives during the pandemic to have a free platform and mentorship to get their new work out there into the public eye! Invaluable!” - Harriet 


"It is unfortunate to say that I have not had as many experiences with Out Of Bounds Theatre as I would like. However the experiences I have had have been outstanding. Their UnXmas Story was hilarious and a refreshing show compared to the normal Christmas themed plays I have seen. The group are incredibly friendly and hard working and are a pleasure to be around and be entertained by. I will always try my best to see their shows where possible and will always be bringing friends." - Rich


“I had the good fortune to be able to get to know Out of Bounds Theatre during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019. It was my company's (Permafrost Theatre Collective) and their first time at the Fringe and having another group of independent and innovative artists to lean on made the experience all the better. We provided not only front of house support to each other but acted as supportive cheerleaders for each other's shows. The team at OOB are fun, hardworking, and certainly not afraid of a challenge.

It has been wonderful to be able to stay in touch with the team and to watch the company grow in new and exciting ways. I really enjoyed being able to watch their Unboxed Series over Zoom last Fall. I was able to log in from another country and experience new works from emerging writers in a culture that is different from my own. OOB has proven that they are more than capable of keeping new and exciting theatre alive during a global pandemic.

I had a blast being interviewed by David and Arron for their Offstage Conversations podcast. Their questions were really thought provoking and made me think about my theatrical experiences in new ways. The conversation was light and both hosts made me feel comfortable and safe to express myself honestly and openly.” - Christina 


"Out Of Bounds crew are friends of mine. I first contacted them in the summer, regarding a new project. There I met David Guy, first by email, then by phone. From the off I could see he was a garrulous, organised young man with an eye for detail. We got the ball rolling and I met the rest of the team, a multi-talented bunch, each bringing a different skill-set to the table. I was pleased with our collaboration. Night of the performance was a success. After a YouTube clip of the piece was polished and produced, and sent out into the world.

I was impressed with both the care and efficiency. Since then we have kept in contact, maintaining a working relationship, with the possibility of future projects. They provide a very meticulous dramaturgical service, and are always hungry for new material. In these times, the arts have been one of the biggest sufferers, yet Out of Bounds have sought out fresh and inventive ways to keep this engine running." - Joe 


“A couple of Christmases ago, my daughter took me to see the Out Of Bounds Theatre Company perform The Unxmas Story. I was unsure what to expect and didn't hold out much hope of the production being that funny… how wrong can you be! This telling of the nativity was as irreverent as Monty Python’s Life of Brian, with a humour that was gentle and self effacing one moment and sharp and witty the next. The audience participation made it feel like an adult pantomime, but far less cheesy. The actors managed to tailor their action to the crowd seamlessly and without being patronising, including us all into the playful gags. It was a performance that left my daughter and myself enthralled well after the evening had ended. 

Although lock down has made seeing more of the Out Of Bound Theatre Company’s Productions impossible, I am looking forward to seeing them in the future. I hope they continue to bring joy into the hearts of their audience. We could surely need more of that kind of fun after the present troubles to guide us out of darkness.” - Karen


“With the MASSIVE hit to society over this pandemic, one of the worst hits has been the Arts. There is a personal favourite of mine called The Out Of Bounds Theatre, who like many, need your help! These fresh, funny, and incredibly talented troop of actors, are raising funds to deliver a profoundly serious story on male suicide. With their professional integrity, they will deliver this in an accessible, sensitive, and thought-provoking way. Being as skilled as they are, and as a social enterprise, (meaning that they perform for our good, not for their own private gain), with your backing – this can become a meaningful reality.” - Hayley