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Offstage Conversations was conceived after we interviewed Deryck Newland, CEO of 'Play to the Crowd' and Theatre Royal Winchester in Hampshire. TRW had opened up a survival appeal with which we wanted to help. TRW has played a huge part in shaping Out OF Bounds and we wanted to play our part to help.

We interviewed Deryck in the hopes of spreading the word of their fundraiser, as well as allowing people to see from the perspective of a theatre Artistic Director during the first year of COVID-19's lockdown. This initial interview was extremely insightful, even for us and we wanted to give others the chance to give theiperspectives in the hopes that it helps others going through tough times. 

Since then we have spoken to such amazing artists and companies as Harri Marshall, Josh Bell, Christina Rose Ashby from Permafrost Theatre Collective, Alex Mitchell from Silent Uproar, Lauren Elizabeth, Natalie Pulfer and Anais Denner-Roure from Show Face Festival, Paul Smith from Middle Child Theatre, Jack Chamberlain and Jack Fielding from Brick By Brick Theatre, Jessica Duffield, Annie Kirkman and Alice Rose Palmer from She Productions, along with our own Festive Special in which we talk a little about ourselves!

You can catch any of our exsisting episodes below.

Season 2!

Since the first season of Offstage Conversations went so well and with things looking up in the world, we decided to bring back the podcast for another season! We've had chats with amazing creators from various backgrounds such as Chris Hawley who is the Artistic Director of Black Box Theatre Company, through to Kathryn Mather, who is a stand-up comedian. We probe to find the most juicy and embarrassing memories the guests have had, along with chats of their industries and any experiences they have had. Join us for another round of Offstage Conversations to hear from these amazing creators from across the UK!

Have any questions about the podcast or want to get involved or potentially interviewed? Email or contact us here with the heading: 'Offstage Conversations'.

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