Out Of Bounds


BroadwayBaby - 44 Inch Chest (★★★★)

15 Aug 2019

By Richard Beck

"Its uncomfortable ugliness generates a curious fascination that makes it ultimately enjoyable."

Deadline News - 44 Inch Chest (★★★★)

25 Aug 2019

By Louis Boyd-Madsen

"Performed by the talented members of ‘out of bounds theatre’ the show moves through the sparse plot at an oddly meditative pace. This gives the cast plenty of room to breathe, as the tone of the performance slowly twists from comedic to tense."

Bouquets & Brickbats - 44 Inch Chest (★★★★)

19 Aug 2019

By Philip Caveney

"There’s an interesting ambiguity to the play’s conclusion, but the final applause is well earned, and those looking for a slice of powerful drama in the final week of the Fringe could certainly do a lot worse than this."

The Scotsman - 44 Inch Chest (★★★)

19 Aug 2019

By Sally Stott

"Performed by a talented cast, this lively play [...] might start off like numerous other Tarantino-esque gangster flicks, but writers David Scinto and Louis Mellis give it a subversive twist [...]"

The Wee Review - 44 Inch Chest (★★★)

20 Aug 2019

John Gibson

"[...] This is a serviceable adaption by a capable and talented company."


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