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We need your support.

We are working hard in the shadows to bring shows and opportunities to audiences and emerging artists. Though we can't be on stage right now, we are striving so that when we can be face-to-face again, we'll be ready to get straight back in to it.

We are in the process of applying to several funding bodies to fund our major performances, however, we still have a lot of work that depends on donations and in-kind support to keep us going. With your support we can continue to produce high-quality performances in theatres and at festivals, to facilitate and create opportunities for emerging artists from all backgrounds and to provide workshops to the next generation of storytellers within educational departments.

If you enjoy the work that we create and you would like to support us as a collective, please consider donating to our live crowdfunder for our upcoming research and development period, to our Ko-Fi page, or even via PayPal, but if you feel you can help support us in other ways, please feel free to contact us via out email at or here anytime.


Financial assistance is obviously a huge help for us, but if you can help with research, provide us a space, or even just share our work across social media, that would mean the world to us, because together we can accomplish so much more. 

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